A crow has been filmed at Kinshichō train station in Japan attempting to commit credit card fraud when he steals a woman’s card and attempts to use it in a ticket machine.

Yes you read that right. On May 1st twitter user @kinoshi42155049 posted the now viral video of the sneaky crow stealing a woman’s card out of the card reader, hopping over to the next machine and seemingly trying to work out where he is supposed to put it.

So has this crow really decided to give his wings a rest and instead make the most of the good train prices? In reality it’s highly unlikely but given that crows are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, this interaction may not have been entirely random.

Over the past few years, corvids (crows, ravens, jackdaws etc…) have started to shake off the negative stigma that has surrounded them for centuries. With the help of some highly publicised research they have finally been brought into the spotlight for their remarkable level of intelligence.

Crows in particular have been seen performing complex behaviours rarely observed in the animal kingdom including dropping nuts in front of cars to crack them open, using tools to solve complex puzzles and they have even demonstrated the ability to recognise human faces.

Of course there is no evidence to say that this crow knows what the credit card is for or how the machines work. It could just simply be attracted to the shiny chip or hologram sticker on the card. But with these intelligent birds now living in such close proximity to people it is possible that it could have been attempting to copy human behaviour.

Whatever the reason I am happy to say that the crow did eventually return the card to the rightful owner. He might just avoid jail time for this.

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