Filming wildlife in the Galápagos Islands

Four months after returning from my expedition to the incredible Galápagos Islands, I finally got around to editing the 5 hours worth of footage which I filmed during my time there. The video has now been uploaded onto my YouTube channel and can be viewed below.

This was really one of my first attempts at making a mini wildlife documentary and with all things considered I don’t think it turned out too badly. I didn’t originally go out to Galápagos with the intention of making this video. I took some of my kit with me on the off chance that I would get some time off from the research to do a little bit of filming.

As the research was my reason for being in Galápagos I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to see even half of the amazing diversity that the islands had to offer. However, I was very happy I got to see some of my favourites including green turtles, hammerheads, boobies, Galápagos tortoises and marine iguanas. Sadly, I didn’t see any waved albatross, flightless cormorants, Galápagos hawk, racer snakes, Galápagos sharks and whale sharks. But hey, I guess that means I will have to do a return trip to film at some point (what a shame!).

So I hope you enjoy my video and it inspires you to go and see for yourself the incredibly unique diversity of Galápagos.

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