So it’s that time again where all nature lovers crowd around their TV screens waiting excitedly for the big moment …enter David Attenborough on a hot air balloon! The first episode of the latest produce from the BBC Natural History Unit starts with the drama meter turned up full blast! With swimming lovesick sloths, gutsy penguins, battling Komodo dragons and a chase between snakes and marine iguanas there was plenty of excitement to have us on the edge of our seats!

Particularly in recent times the Attenborough documentaries rightfully get a lot of recognition for the breathtaking shots and exciting scenes. This time however I want to give special credit to the composer who produced the epic music to accompany the dramatic shots. I guess I wasn’t surprised to find that the composer in question was the incredibly talented Hans Zimmer, who’s music alone is famed for having its audience squeal with excitement!

With each new BBC NHU documentary the technology seems to take an incredible leap ahead, and just when we thought it couldn’t get any more amazing…they deliver. If twitter is anything to go by it seems that this first episode has definitely been a hit. My only criticism is I have to wait an entire week before I can watch the next episode, safe to say I am already excited to tune in!


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