Today, I have had the most incredible wildlife experience. While filming some cormorants from the top of a cliff I noticed a grey seal lying on a rock just off the shoreline. Quickly I grabbed my camera and ran down to the rocks at the edge of the waves to try and get as close as I could to get a good shot. But before I had managed to set my camera up, it disappeared. I sat for 10 minutes hoping I would see it again but there was no sign of him anywhere. I reached down to grab my bag about to pack up my equipment and head home. But then I looked up and there he was, less than 10m away from me staring at me with those big dark eyes, I stared back. Slowly I reached for my camera to take a few shots, he continued to stare. This went on for about 5 minutes, I stared at him mouth hanging open, heart pounding, he stared back. I would love to have known what he was thinking in those few minutes we had this strange kind of connection, both of us just as curious with the other.

It’s encounters like this that are the reason why I love wildlife. I know that the natural world will always be just as fascinating and spontaneous, and its special moments like this that I would love to spend my life sharing with people.

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