Today was my first day visiting the renown Lizard point which is well know in the area for its wildlife and geology. Although I had all of my camera equipment at the ready it was rather a quite day on the point for wildlife. Temperatures were very mild, skies were grey and the weather worsened throughout the day as the predicted storm began to blow in.

A grey seal poking its nose about the water

As expected there were lots of herring gulls resting on the rocks just off the point. We were a little excited but disappointed at the same time to learn that a harbour porpoise had been sighted that morning just off shore.

Theย highlight of the day was the grey seal, a species which are commonly seen off the point of The Lizard. At first we thought it was a rock as it remained so still in the water with its eyes closed, the waves just lapping over its head. After about 20 minutes we started to get more and more concerned about whether or not it was OK. Thankfully it chose that moment to beginย swimming among the rocks before stopping again to resume its near enough motionless position in the water.

Sadly I didn’t manage to see a Chough which is a famous sighting at Lizard point and attracts bird watchers from all over the country. Maybe I will get lucky another day!


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