As much asย I love travelling up and down the UK, I sometimes feel guilty about not coming home as often as I should. But whenever I do find time in my busy schedule to pay my family a visit there is always one place I will always enjoy coming back to, a place that is very much a part of my childhood, and that is Leddys field.

Although it is a small area belonging to Audley Parish Council, Leddys field is a place that is bursting with wildlife throughout the year. Due to my connections with the place and also its great diversity of wildlife I decided to make it the location of my first video for my wildlife on location series for my YouTube channel.


I started filming yesterday and as I crouched by the pond halfway through talking about dragonflies in the area, our local buzzard interrupted my talking with its loud screeching calls which echoed all through the fields around the area. Aย beautiful sound! I’m very happy that I managed to capture my reaction on camera and will be keeping it in my video just to highlight the amazement that British wildlife can cause.

The video ‘Wildlife on location: Leddys field’ will be released later this month


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